Lay Reader:  Richard Murray

Welcome to All Saints’ Church, Whiterashes

Welcome to our church family at All Saints’ Church.  We joined the Donside group of churches in 2011 and are mostly served by our Lay Reader, Richard Murray who prepares and leads our monthly Sunday and Weekly Thursday services.

The membership of All Saints’ is unique in its makeup in that members are drawn from a number of local Episcopal  parishes, hence our main services take place monthly on a Sunday afternoon and weekly on a Thursday morning.  Despite having other allegiances, our members do maintain close contact with the church and with each other and the church does occupy a special place in our spiritual life and affections.

Where possible, as part of our mission, we visit other small churches in the diocese to join them for worship and have lunch or afternoon tea.  This has enabled us to learn from each other and share our faith experience.

Regular Services:

First Sunday of the Month:

  • 3:00pm: 
    Evening Prayer with hymns

Third Tuesday of the Month:

  • 7:30pm: 
    Compline on Zoom


  • 11:30am: 
    Morning Prayer with discussion on Zoom

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