Our groups at St Mary’s

St Mary’s is an inclusive and inviting community in which we seek to establish strong relationships with each other.  As part of this mission, we have a number of groups which meet on a regular basis to which all, members and non-members are very welcome.  If you’d like to know more about any of these groups, please contact us.  You can see when the groups are due to meet on the calender.

Prayer Group:
Wednesdays @ 2:30pm in the Church Centre Meeting Room

We meet for a chat and coffee (or drink of choice).  We take time to study and discuss what we’ve read in a book chosen by the group, creating a safe environment for everyone to be able to give an opinion without fear of judgement.

Mens Groups:

Thursdays @ 10:00am at Inverurie Garden Centre

The Grumpy Men meet in the Cafe on the 1st floor of the Garden Centre.

Our meetings go on for about an hour for chat.  All are welcome – and you need be grumpy as much or as little as you like!

Bothy Boys
Fridays @ 10:00am at Marshalls

We  meet for discussion in the main coffee shop at Marshalls, over coffee and bacon roll, to mull over current events of the week that are impacting the members and offer support where needed and requested.  We also look at various texts from the bible, which spark discussion and debate.

The group is not exclusive to St. Marys – it encompasses members from many other churches in the city and shire.

This space has proved to be a blessing for many of us, allowing us to meet in person.

Men’s Breakfasts
Second Saturdays @ 8:00am in the Church Centre Hall

We hold monthly men’s breakfasts in the church centre on the second Saturday of the month between 8:00am and 9:30am.  Our mornings include bacon rolls, fellowship, speaker, question and answer and prayer.

From time to time, we gather with other men’s groups for a larger fellowship events.

For more information, or to let us know you plan to attend a breakfast (for catering purposes), please contact Duncan.

Ladies Group

The ladies social group meet together a few times a year for fun, fellowship, and food.  We enjoy trying various local restaurants, coffee shops, local exhibitions and occasional local walks which usually end with coffee and cake!