Welcome to St Mary’s Church, Inverurie

Welcome to our church family at St Mary’s Church.  We are a medium sized congregation that come from the town of Inverurie and the wider surrounding area, and we benefit from a wide range of different faith experiences within our congregation.  In all that we do, we endeavour to be a loving and nurturing church which builds people to live the life that Jesus calls us to live.

We seek to be a place where each individual’s God-given gifts and abilities are actively encouraged, used, strengthened and developed. That means that our services have a collective sense to them, more active participation than passive observation.  We are not afraid to embrace change and try new ways of doing things, are fairly relaxed about the details of our common worship, and are happy to engage in many different approaches to worship.  We seek to ensure that all voices and each individuals God given gifts are identified, encouraged, and built up.


Regular Services:


  • 8:30am: 
    Said Holy Communion in church
  • 11:00am:
    Holy Communion with Praise


  • 12:30pm:
    Midday Prayer on Zoom
  • 7:30pm: 
    Compline on Zoom
    (Third Tuesday of the Month)

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